Introducing LODI

Introducing LODI

We've brought Spain to your doorstep... LODI

Created in 1978, this unique and refreshing take on fashion footwear is now available at John David Shoes!  Crafted with loving care in Spain, this collection simply put, must be tried on! We're so excited to introduce a new line of fashion footwear to you... we trust you're going to love it as much as we do! Peruse our Fall 2017 collection online, or come in and try them on! Your new favourites are here!

"Lodi was founded in 1978 when they started out on a road that would transform them into an international footwear firm with presence in more than 30 countries and customers on three continents.

Since that time, millions of women have worn their designs. Millions of women and millions of moments that they have been able to share with them in their own way.

They are still working with the same enthusiasm and commitment with which they started out with in 1978, but now with almost 50 years of experience creating shoes and adoring the women who wear them.

They started being Lodi in 1978 and they have never stopped."